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Libra | "Karma" | Crystals

Libra | "Karma" | Crystals


Libra | "Karma" | Crystals


This crystal pack was handpicked by me (RENAE) for you! The combination of these crystals represents the zodiac sign Libra - the harmonious air sign. Decorate your house or keep the crystals in your pocket to always remind you of your Libra nature or to embody the energy of Libra Season <3



Quartz Crystals -for openness and clear vision. Element: Air

Green Agate - for unconditional love. Element: Air

Amethyst - for intuition. Element: Air


Also includes:

* A cute felt pouch

* A "Karma (Libra)" QR Code that when scanned brings you into the Signs Portal to instantly access the music


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