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Scorpio | "Glow" | Crystals

Scorpio | "Glow" | Crystals


Scorpio | "Glow" | Crystals


This crystal pack was handpicked by me (RENAE) for you! The combination of these crystals represents the zodiac sign Scorpio - a deep water sign. Decorate your house or keep the crystals in your pocket to always remind you of your Scorpio Zodiac nature or to embody the energy during Scorpio season, moons, or other planetary transits <3



Blue Calcite - For emotional processing. Element: Water

Rhodonite - To embrace the darkness with love. Element: Earth

Amethyst - For deep intuition. Element: Air


Also includes:

* A cute felt pouch

* A "Glow in the Dark (Scorpio)" QR Code that when scanned brings you into the Signs Portal to instantly access the music


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